Independent Math Activities for At-Home Learning

I can’t even believe that it’s already APRIL. How did that happen? Granted, this blog post is being written in April of 2020, so this April looks different from all of the others, doesn’t it? We’re all home, and we’re not wrapping up the school year with the kids the way that we thought we would. 

This is where things are getting a little funny...some of us don’t know if we will see our kids before this school year is over. We don’t know how the end of the year will we will clean out desks, pass out yearbooks, complete graduations, etc. We don’t know what next year will look like...but where I live, more and more evidence is suggesting that we are just going to put a pause on things this year, and send the kids to the next grade level. The next years’ teachers are going to have to figure out how to fill the gaps of the content that didn’t get covered the year before. 

I think the best thing we can do for our students (and their future teachers) right now, is to find ways to get them independently working on all of the domain that are in their grade level standards. 

Independent because moms and dads have a whole lot on their plates right now, and all they need from us is more assignments that give their children the chance to sit and work without help,

‘All of the domains’, because this is the time of year when we would normally be reviewing year-long content with our students, but we can’t. If we can’t be there to review what we taught them, we need to give families the tools!

Enter: Math Choice Boards for 2nd Grade and 3rd Grade! These boards work in the classroom as early finisher work, enrichment for gifted education, center work homework...but in an unprecedented time like this one, these boards are perfect as end of the year review!

This is how the boards work:
-Choose the domain that you want students to practice (you can assign different domains to different groups of kids, depending on what they need to work on!)
-Send the students the choice board for that skill, and allow them to choose the boxes they want to complete. (You can assign boxes to students as well, but the choice really makes it more fun!)
-Many of the tasks are open-ended, but tasks that can use an answer key have answers included. Students can complete the open-ended tasks the way that they choose, and submit work back to you.
-Use the completed work as a way to chat with your students about those math standards, and what they need to have mastered before they move on to the next grade!

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