Get Organized with a Custom Teacher Planner!

If you've landed on this page, I'm sure you're looking for a planner or ways to stay organized for the school year. Well, this planner just got a major makeover and I'd love to share a peek inside with you.

I have used an Erin Condren teacher planner for the past two years. I really love the size, color and many things about it, but I never used the entire thing. I always had good intentions about using those lesson plan pages in the back, and would sometimes even remember to fill it out. But, it was a lot of money to spend for so much wasted space. Plus, there were things I would have loved to have in the planner that weren't offered. After searching the internet one summer for the perfect planner, I realized I would need to make one myself if I truly wanted it to have everything I need! So it began...

I wanted something I could take to and from and around school that would have EVERYTHING I could need.

Here's a little peek inside my custom teacher planner...

teacher planner with flair pensteacher planner with flair pens

There are two different versions of the custom teacher planner - one with bright colors, and one with soft colors. Each version comes with several different templates for the front cover, so you can choose your style. 

Teacher planner calendar
Every month has a two-page spread...perfect for jotting down important events or even quickly mapping out curriculum.

Weekly teacher planner and checklist
One of my favorite parts - weekly planning sheets that are perfect for jotting down to-do lists and any change in your normal schedule. If you're anything like me, I typically have sticky note lists covering my desk by Tuesday. This helps me to keep all those thoughts in one place!

note pages
Another one of my most used spots in my teacher planner are note pages! There are two different versions included - generic note pages and pages specifically for taking notes during meetings. This makes it so easy to go back and reference something from a staff or grade level meeting. You can add as many note pages as you need!

teacher planner student checklist
Editable student checklist pages are perfect for keeping track of grades, homework, returning forms - anything really!!

Editable teacher lesson plans
It also includes editable lesson plan templates. You can print these out to put in your planner, or keep them digital. I love using these as I plan to loosely map out the week, and it's a great tool to help me stay organized!

There are several other pages included in the planner not seen here - including a parent communication log, birthdays and holidays spread, teaching goals, IEP student details, password keeper, and much more. 

If you'd like to take a look, you can find both versions of the custom teacher planner in my store by clicking the photos below!

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This custom and editable teacher planner will get you organized this school year with editable lesson plan templates, calendars, student checklists, parent teacher communication log and so much more. You'll love the functionality and ease of this simple teacher planner!


  1. This is adorable and a must have!!!!! I so hope that I am the VERY lucky winner!! :) Great job!!

  2. This is awesome! I especially love the Parent Communication Log. Great work!
    -Danielle @ Nouvelle

  3. I love this item you created! I am having a giveaway too! So glad I found you through the challenge link up! Have a great summer!

    Bits of First Grade

  4. This looks like tons of work! and looks wonderful! Thanks for sharing your hard work!

    Brittany Shannon
    Shakin' it up with Mrs. Shannon

  5. LOVE this planner and thanks for hosting a fabulous giveaway!

  6. Thank you for the opportunity to win this beautiful planner!

  7. Your planner looks amazing!!! You've thought of everything even the binding at Staples!!! Wooo hooo you rock :)

  8. I finally found a planner that would meet my crazy demands for being adorable and functional! Awesome job. :)

  9. Thank you for sharing your creative ideas and products with us. The planner is very well organized n super cute.

  10. This is awesome!! I hope I am the lucky winner! I would love to have it so that I can stay super organized all school year!! :)

  11. Do you know when the winner will be announced?

  12. Thank you for sharing your creativity! This planner is exactly what I need to stay organized! I am definitely going to enjoy it!!!

  13. I love this planner. I really want to get it bound. How do I go about doing that and about how much does it cost? Also did you print it on regular computer paper?

    1. I'll be doing a blog post on how I put mine together by tomorrow!!

      I got mine printed at the UPS store (looked around for a store that was offering a discount code!). It ended up still costing around $40, but that depends on how much of each page you end up putting in your planner. I'm taking it to Staples to get it bound today, and it costs $5. :)

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