Mastering Math Facts with Student Choice Boards

 Math Fact Menu Choice Board

Math Fact Fluency.

One of my least favorite things to deal with in my classroom, but also an essential to students' math foundation. But what do you do with students who have already shown math fact mastery, and need a challenge?! My math choice boards were literally born to solve this problem in my own classroom.

Math Fact Fluency Choice Board

For students who have mastered their addition and subtraction facts, I like to challenge them with this math menu (or choice board!). It has 9 engaging and rigorous challenges for students to choose from, and all focus on math facts. They really let students dig deeper with the content, instead of continuing to mindlessly practice the facts they've already mastered.

The activities range from hands on, to projects, to games, and more! There's a great variety included to keep students interested and challenged. You can easily include this as a math center too if you want to give all of your students the opportunity to challenge themselves. I've seen some teachers set this up as a bulletin board station in their classroom, and they rotate the content as they switch math units. (Psst..I have these math menus available for every second grade math topic!)

Here's a peek at a few activities from the Math Fact Choice Board:

Math Fact Game

Mastering math facts game

Mastering math facts game

Another one of my favorite parts? These are literally NO PREP for you. Just print and go...some activities on the menu can be used completely alone, and others require the printables to give students a little more guidance. 

And there you have it! It's really that simple to keep your higher students engaged and working on rigorous content during your math block. Just give students their math fact choice board and watch them enjoy that math fact fluency time again. 

Do you have students who have mastered their addition and subtraction math facts? Help them dive deeper into math fact fluency with this Math Fact Choice Board and enrichment activities and challenges. These hands on projects, activities and printables are fun and engaging and will challenge your second graders.

If you use these math menus in your classroom, be sure to connect me with on Instagram and let me know how they're working for you!