Monday Made-It: Buttons, Binders & Frames, oh MY!

I'm linking up with 4th Grade Frolics for another Monday Made-It!! I was here and there last week visiting my family and some friends, so I didn't actually work on any school stuff. BUT, we got back yesterday morning and I spent the evening in front of Netflix working on these quick projects.
 I very conveniently happened to run out of Clorox wipes yesterday afternoon and remembered this cute freebie I had seen! Love this for keeping Box Tops in one, organized place. Normally my kids toss them on my desk and I *may* have lost some before...but this way they can be responsible for putting them in here. I just laminated the sign and hot glued it to the bottle...a very quick 2 minute project!

Get the FREE Box Tops sign from Sliding Into Second Grade here!

These were another awesome freebie I had seen on a blog!! Unfortunately, I bought the wrong size buttons!! AND of course I broke one of the three buttons trying to take them apart. Nevertheless, I love, love, LOVE these adorable buttons. I can't wait to let my students wear them when they've done something particularly awesome! :)

Grab these printables from All Students Can Shine here!! You can buy the buttons from Michaels.

This has got to be my favorite project I worked on last night! It is absolutely nothing fact, my binder doesn't even have a cover page yet. I've had pictures, letters and cards from my students tucked into my filing cabinet. I finally brought them all home and slipped a lot of them into sheet protectors. I just wanted to keep some of the sweet notes and pictures to remind me why I love teaching!! Hopefully on a rough day, I can glance through this and it will make it just a little better.

I know we've all seen these adorable "First Day" frames floating around Pinterest. Well I was walking through Michaels with my 25% coupon and decided to make one on a whim. I love how it turned out!! I just grabbed these bright letter stickers, a frame (on clearance!), and a couple of wooden pieces (I'm drawing a blank on what I should call those little apples and bus pieces! ;)). Then I just stuck the stickers onto cardstock I had at home to make it sturdy, laminated it, and hot glued everything to the frame. Another easy project!! 

I'm thinking about reattaching the "First" part using velcro so that I can switch it out when I need to (for something else like "100th" day of school). I also read a good tip somewhere to make sure the letters don't go over the bottom edge, since you will have to store the frame sitting on one of its sides. Great tip ;)

My sweet husband modeled it for me ;)

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