Digital PBLs for Distance Learning

I recently blogged about distance learning, and how projects can be really helpful for kids and families during this time. But, the idea that there is a growing need for digital resources was also at the front of my mind. I put out some questions to teachers on my Instagram account, and got the overwhelming response that teachers really were looking for digital versions of projects that their students could complete from home. 

I wanted to be mindful by providing you all with resources that would make distance learning a little easier for you in this difficult time, and turning a handful of my Project-Based-Learning activities (PBLs) into digital, Google-slides projects, felt like the best fit. 

Here are some ways that Digital PBL Activities can make your distance learning efforts easier:

  • My digital PBLs are housed in Google Slides, and are compatible with Google Classroom. If you already have student Google accounts through your school district, or you have set up a Google Classroom for students and parents to access during this time, my Digital PBLs will fit perfectly! If you don’t have a Google set up, but you have a personal Google account, you can download the project as a Powerpoint from within Google, and share individually with your students! 
  • These projects are *differentiated*! There are pages with circles in the corner, which indicates on-grade level content for 2nd graders, and pages with squares in the corner, which pushes into the 3rd grade standards a bit. All you have to do, when you’re getting ready to share this project with certain groups of students, is make a copy of your master project, delete the pages you don’t want the students to do, and share with them! 
  • Videos are inserted into different portions of each project, to give your students extra guidance on the Google Tools they will need to use to complete it. You can choose to leave these videos in the project to share with students and parents, or delete them and use those directions to create your own tutorials, if you are live teaching this project!

By creating digital projects for you students, my hope is that you all will keep your students deeply engaged in their math standards, in a way that is fun for them! We want our students to keep growing, but we also want to make this an easy transition for all of us. These digital projects accomplish both: ease and engagement! Happy digital teaching, everyone!

Check out the video below to see a preview video of my Digital Build A Zoo PBL:

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