Digital Reading Choice Boards

I blogged recently about my reading choice boards, and what a fresh take they are on the average reading response. I love these boards! So much so, that I decided to make them digital, to better support teachers throughout this time of distance learning. 

If you aren't already familiar with my reading response choice boards, they are menus with a variety of reading response prompts that get your students interacting with texts in different ways! I have the digital versions of both the nonfiction and fiction choice boards, so your students can use them with any text you assign!

Here's how the digital versions work:

-When you purchase this digital file, you will download a PDF from my store that links to the file on Google Drive. You will need a google account to access this product, and any students you share it with will also need their own Google accounts!

-When you click on the link, you will be prompted to make a copy of the file. This is your own, personal copy of this product, so any typing or editing you do to it is completely yours. 

-The menus are the first slides that you see. When you click on the different boxes of the menus, they link to a different slide that has the response page. For example, if you students want to create a text message conversation between characters, they simply click on that prompt and it takes them to that page.

-Some of the response pages have a clipboard with directions. Your students will be directed to read those directions and then delete the clipboard so they can get to work. The directions help them to know which Google Tools they should be using to best interact with that page. 

-When you want to share this product with students, you will want for each of them to have their own copy. If they all have the same copy of the file, they will all be working on the same pages at the same time...and that would be a mess!
In order for each student to have their own copy, you will want to share the product with them, and teach them how to make a copy of the file into their own drive. This is done by simply selecting File-Make a Copy. :)

-As students are working, you will have access to their work. This means that you can login to individual reading responses and leave feedback to help your students' grow their writing skills, or simply take a grade! 

My hope is that these digital response menus make your distance-learning life a little easier, while also giving you something highly engaging for your students to work on! 

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