Grow Your Students' Math Skills from Home

Parents everywhere are being asked to step up and fill the teachers’ shoes right now...and they didn’t have a whole lot of time to figure out how to do that. My heart goes out to the parents, students, and teachers who are all working to navigate a new normal during this unprecedented time. I have a resource to share with you all that I think could help! 

At Home Learning Math Menus (see 3rd Grade here and 2nd Grade here) are the perfect way for parents to engage students deeply in the math content of their child’s grade, without having to spend much time learning how to ‘be the teacher’. They provide the best of both worlds!

3 Ways At Home Math Menus Make Math Practice Easy on Parents (and Teachers):

Easy to Implement

These math menus can be presented to students by simply displaying the menu on the computer screen, or printing out the individual menu pages. Each menu set comes with recording pages and worksheets for students to display their work on, but they are completely optional! All work can be done with supplies lying around the house, making it the perfect solution for busy families, and families who can't make regular runs to the store...which is all of us right now! The less standing in your way, the quicker you can get students started on the project of your choice.

Fun for Kids (and parents, too!)

With projects such as: Plan A Disney Vacation, Create a Board Game, Pizza Fractions, and Paper Airplanes...there is no way that kids will be bored, while practicing their standards very closely! These projects are the perfect thing for pulling siblings and parents into, making it a family project. School work that inspires family bonding is the best kind, in my opinion, because it keeps kids working. The more kids are engaged in fun, authentic math work during this time at home, the less of a gap they will see when they return to school.

All Domains Are Covered:

The at-home learning menus for both 2nd and 3rd grade in my store, have activities that cover each of the standard sets in the CCSS math standards. 2nd graders will practice place value, telling time, regrouping, and more, while 3rd graders will work on elapsed time, fractions, multiplication, and the rest of their skills for the year. This ensures that, if students complete a project or two from home each week, they will have practiced every standard for their grade level!

Whether you are a parent seeking some engaging math work for your 2nd or 3rd grader to participate in at home right now, or a teacher needing 6-8 weeks of math work for your students...these At Home Learning Menus are the perfect fit!

Check out my 2nd Grade At Home Learning Menus and 3rd Grade Menus to get your students engaged deeply with the math standards today!

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